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    We specialise in advising clients with a commercial litigation or insolvency challenge. We represent clients in court, arbitration and mediation forums. We help businesses move forward by protecting their rights and solving their complex legal problems.

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  • insolvency advisors Insolvency Advisers

    We provide consulting services to clients faced with an insolvency challenge. We deliver pre-pack insolvency arrangements and act as restructuring advisers for our clients. We explore all avenues (both formal and informal) to protect and recover value.

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  • debt agents icon Debt Agents

    We identify the root causes behind non-payment and use the full force of the law to efficiently recover debts and assets. We share risk with our clients and take responsibility for debt recovery. We give our clients comfort and certainty.

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We explore all avenues to protect and recover value for the owners of the business – browse our website to find out who and how we can help.

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Who Do We Help - Sewell & Kettle

Professional law and consulting firm

Sewell & Kettle are specialist lawyers and consultants with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The firm has a business mind-set and are trusted advisers for accountants, business owners and directors, entrepreneurs, in-house lawyers and transactional lawyers.

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The downward spiral of company insolvency

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Who to avoid during the downward spiral of company insolvency

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Ben’s 10 commandments for a turnaround

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  • What are creditor-defeating dispositions?

    Summary Creditor-defeating dispositions occur when a company transfers property for less than its reasonable market value. A liquidator now has the power to claw back creditor-defeating dispositions by suing both the director and any professional advisor. ASIC has been granted new powers to intervene to recover property received in a voidable creditor-defeating disposition on its […]

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  • How does a liquidator decide whether to commence an insolvent trading claim?

    It is illegal for a director of a company to allow an insolvent company to continue to trade, while having reasonable grounds for suspecting insolvency. The consequences can be serious.  In a New Zealand case last year, Dame Jenny Shipley, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, was ordered to pay $6 million for allowing the […]

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  • How to prepare for a voluntary liquidation (for SMEs)

    Summary In this article, we look at the steps that directors of small to medium-sized enterprises (‘SMEs’) need to consider, before initiating a voluntary liquidation (otherwise known as a ‘voluntary winding-up’). We look at: the purpose of voluntary liquidation; whether appointing a voluntary liquidator is ever a good idea; getting the books in order prior […]

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Upcoming educational seminars

  • Thomson Reuters Building & Construction Law Conference

    12:05PM How to manage subcontractor insolvency During COVID-19 the Government has strongly signalled that SMEs may continue to trade whilst insolvent (and created supporting statute). The risk to builders and developers is that their subcontractors will fail once the COVID-19 safe harbour ends. What can be done pre-contract and post-formal insolvency appointment (e.g. voluntary administration) […]

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