Is your business insolvent?
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For businesses and entrepreneurs,
protecting value and growth

We provide specialist Court
representation in commercial disputes

  • Lawyers

    We specialise in advising clients with a commercial litigation or insolvency challenge. We represent clients in court, arbitration and mediation forums. We help businesses move forward by protecting their rights and solving their complex legal problems.

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  • Insolvency Advisers

    We provide consulting services to clients faced with an insolvency challenge. We deliver pre-pack insolvency arrangements and act as restructuring advisers for our clients. We explore all avenues (both formal and informal) to protect and recover value.

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  • Debt Agents

    We identify the root causes behind non-payment and use the full force of the law to efficiently recover debts and assets. We share risk with our clients and take responsibility for debt recovery. We give our clients comfort and certainty.

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Professional law and consulting firm

Sewell & Kettle are specialist lawyers and consultants with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The firm has a business mind-set and are trusted advisers for accountants, business owners and directors, entrepreneurs, in-house lawyers and transactional lawyers.

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  • How do you set up a trading trust?

    A trading trust is one of the most popular vehicles for conducting a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Australia. This blog post describes the steps and documentation required for an SME to set up a trading trust in Australia. What is the typical structure of a trading trust for an SME? Two persons decide […]

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  • Podcast on safe harbour from insolvent trading

    This podcast is a general introduction to the safe harbour from insolvent trading that is now available for company directors. It is particularly useful to directors of small-to-medium sized businesses looking for a general understanding of the new carve-out. In September 2017 a new safe harbour from insolvent trading was introduced to help company directors […]

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Upcoming educational seminars

  • Construction half day intensive

    3 CPD Units Face-to-face Knowledge Area –┬áSubstantive Law This seminar will cover the following topics: Building and construction insolvency Commonly occurring issues in construction contracts The new ipso facto regime Recovery of Damages Delivery models – selecting the right model for your project Ben Sewell, Principal, Sewell & Kettle Lawyers Goran Gelic, Partner, and Alex […]

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