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We provide specialist Court
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  • Lawyers

    We specialise in advising clients with a commercial litigation or insolvency challenge. We represent clients in court, arbitration and mediation forums. We help businesses move forward by protecting their rights and solving their complex legal problems.

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  • Insolvency Advisers

    We provide consulting services to clients faced with an insolvency challenge. We deliver pre-pack insolvency arrangements and act as restructuring advisers for our clients. We explore all avenues (both formal and informal) to protect and recover value.

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  • Debt Agents

    We identify the root causes behind non-payment and use the full force of the law to efficiently recover debts and assets. We share risk with our clients and take responsibility for debt recovery. We give our clients comfort and certainty.

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We explore all avenues to protect and recover value for the owners of the business – check WHO and HOW we can help.
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Professional law and consulting firm

Sewell & Kettle are specialist lawyers and consultants with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The firm has a business mind-set and are trusted advisers for accountants, business owners and directors, entrepreneurs, in-house lawyers and transactional lawyers.

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Infogaphic “Ben’s 10 commandments for a turnaround”
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  • New Creditor Powers to Request Information from Liquidators

    Summary Creditors are usually frustrated with the liquidation process for a range of reasons, including inadequate disclosures by liquidators of key information Prior to 2016, creditors were limited in their ability to hold liquidators to account via reporting and information gathering A new insolvency framework introduced in 2016 ensures that creditors have a right to […]

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  • Is phoenix activity accounting fraud?

    Summary Accounting fraud involves a deliberate deceit that results in a misleading representation or misstatement in financial accounts Phoenix activity, of itself, involves non-payment of debt but not necessarily accounting fraud Company directors should ensure that accurate financial statements and tax returns are lodged, even if engaging in phoenix activity It is possible for directors […]

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Upcoming educational seminars

  • NNWLS Hobart CLE

    North & North West Law Society – Hobart CLE Enjoy beautiful historical Hobart, the opportunity to connect with your colleagues and obtain all CPD requirements over this two day catered event, featuring a conference dinner with canapes, drinks, and a two course buffet. On Friday, the 8th of November 2019, Ben Sewell (Insolvency and Commercial […]

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  • CPA Small and Medium Enterprise Discussion Group – Phoenix Activity Presentation

    Ben Sewell will be presenting a seminar on phoenix activity to the CPA Small and Medium Enterprise Discussion Group. The questions for discussion will include the following: What is phoenix activity and why are we reading about it more now? What are the legal penalties for phoenix activity? Why isn’t there a specific law against […]

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  • Building & Construction Law Conference – Sydney

     9:50AM – Ben Sewell (Principal), Sewell & Kettle Lawyers The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Phoenix activity update and insolvency reform The new insolvency reforms commenced on 1 July 2018 impacting on the right to terminate contracts triggered by insolvency events. The presentation will cover how to navigate the insolvency reforms in the context […]

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