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  • Lawyers

    We specialise in advising and representing clients with a commercial litigation or insolvency challenge. We become advocates for our clients and we share our exceptional knowledge of commercial litigation, securitisation and insolvency law with our clients.

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  • Insolvency Advisers

    We provide consulting services to clients faced with an insolvency challenge. We deliver pre-pack insolvency arrangements and act as restructuring advisers for our clients. We explore all avenues (both formal and informal) to protect or recover value.

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  • Debt Agents

    We identify the root causes behind non-payment and use effective legal and mercantile action to recover commercial debts and assets promptly. We act as debt agents and take responsibility for debt recovery and share risk with our clients.

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Professional law and consulting firm

Sewell & Kettle are specialist lawyers and consultants with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The firm has a business mind-set and are trusted advisers for accountants, business owners and directors, entrepreneurs, in-house lawyers and transactional lawyers.

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  • Sewell & Kettle announcement: Break with tradition and move forward

    Sewell & Kettle has had a remarkable journey as a specialist law firm since it was started in 2006 by Ben Sewell. To celebrate the continued development of the firm it has refreshed its identity. The firm’s colours, website and collateral have been refreshed to align its identity with the exciting opportunities that have been opened by legal reform.

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  • Law Society Journal Article: A peek into the workings of offshore havens

    This article was published in the May 2017 edition of the NSW Law Society Journal. A PDF copy may be downloaded here: Offshore Havens LSJ May 2017 (Final copy) PDF Snapshot Incorporating through an offshore haven is straightforward and relatively inexpensive The various offshore havens have the same methodology for providing a grant of incorporation, secrecy […]

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  • What is going to change with the insolvency reforms?

    The Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 (IRLA) and further proposed reforms are the most extensive reforms of the insolvency regime in Australia since the early 90s. Key changes professional advisers should be aware of include: Bankruptcy has been reduced to one year The default period of undischarged bankruptcy (i.e. for individuals) is going to be reduced […]

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Upcoming educational seminars

  • NSW Law Society: Insolvency Reform Masterclass

    This half day masterclass includes informative seminars and an interactive panel discussion that will enable you to understand and apply these reforms. Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle is chairing this NSW Law Society Masterclass on insolvency reforms. Ben will be giving also a seminar entitled
    “Licence to trade insolvent: the new safe harbour for directors”.

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