Sewell & Kettle specialise in a challenging area of business and law. We guarantee our service and expertise with eight promises to all clients.

Guarantee 1: Expertise

We will always refuse to act in matters where we do not have a high level of expertise.

Guarantee 2: Integrity

We will always act in your best interests.

Guarantee 3: Communication

We will always communicate in plain English and give you regular updates on your case.

Guarantee 4: Confidentiality

We will always keep your personal and business information confidential.

Guarantee 5: Honesty

We will always be honest with you.

Guarantee 6: Independence

We will always be independent representatives.

Guarantee 7: Optimal pricing

We will always offer the most simple and transparent fee structure for your interests.

Guarantee 8: Prompt advice

We will always have an experienced lawyer talk to you upfront to evaluate your needs.

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