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  • phoenix activity reform

    What phoenix activity reform would look like under a Labor government

    The Australian Labor Party has recently signalled its intention to crack down on illegal phoenix company activity. This often overlooked aspect of the commercial world is actually a huge area of tax evasion, and one that is costing the Australian state billions of dollars of revenue on an annual basis. What are phoenix companies? Before […]

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  • How do you pick the right voluntary administrator?

    It is essential that directors pick a voluntary administrator who is hard working, ethical, and experienced. For the voluntary administration to be successful through a compromise, you’ll need a lot of skill and a little luck. The first step before appointing a voluntary administrator is for company directors to define what they want the process […]

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  • How do you choose the right liquidator?

    The company liquidation process (creditor’s voluntary liquidation for insolvent companies) can be a long and winding road for company directors. The liquidator doesn’t owe the directors or owners any legal duties so its best to pick an ethical and commercially-minded liquidator. If you pick a “salesman” liquidator you may find that they’ll look to “supersize” […]

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  • How do you set up a trading trust?

    A trading trust is one of the most popular vehicles for conducting a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Australia. This blog post describes the steps and documentation required for an SME to set up a trading trust in Australia. What is the typical structure of a trading trust for an SME? Two persons decide […]

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  • safe harbour

    Podcast on safe harbour from insolvent trading

    This podcast is a general introduction to the safe harbour from insolvent trading that is now available for company directors. It is particularly useful to directors of small-to-medium sized businesses looking for a general understanding of the new carve-out. In September 2017 a new safe harbour from insolvent trading was introduced to help company directors […]

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