Cure Cancer Lab Tour

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Cure Cancer Lab Tour photos

Sewell & Kettle were very fortunate last week to be invited by Cure Cancer and The Can Too Foundation to participate in a tour of their cancer research lab at the University of New South Wales. Sewell & Kettle is proud that Cure Cancer is the charity the firm is supporting in fundraising efforts in 2019.

Cure Cancer is an organisation that provides grants to early-career cancer researchers enabling them to undertake lifesaving research in the attempt to fulfil its vision of making this the last generation to die from cancer. Throughout its 52 year history, Cure Cancer has raised almost $70 million and funded over 515 research grants to facilitate achieving this aim.

In 2019 Cure Cancer has funded a total of 20 scientists from all over the world to undertake this critical research. The Can Too Foundation is Cure Cancer’s principal supporter and in 2019 has funded 11 Cure Cancer research grants.

One of these research grants was presented to Dr Sarah Hancock, who was the host of our Lab Tour. Dr Hancock’s research attempts to detect biochemical reactions linked to pancreatic cancer that can be targeted through new drugs, thereby making chemotherapy more effective.

Pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer (only 8.7% of patients survive 5 years) and Dr Hancock is determined to find new treatments to increase this figure, which has not improved in the last two decades.

Presentations from Nikki Kinloch (CEO of Cure Cancer), Peter McLean (CEO of The Can Too Foundation) and Dr Hancock were followed by a tour of the UNSW lab facilities. We were given a rare insight into the different strains of pancreatic cancer and the difficulties that the medical profession has in combating this terrible disease.

A big thank you to Nikki Kinloch, Dr Hancock and UNSW for hosting us and we look forward to contributing to this worthy cause through our annual fundraising event in October.

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