phoenix activity accounting

The Complete Guide to Illegal Phoenix Activity

Estimated reading time: 42 minutes

Illegal phoenix activity — the ‘re-birth’ of a business in new corporate feathers to avoid its obligations — has been a major concern of regulators in Australia for the last 25 years. In this ultimate guide we explain everything you ever wanted (and didn’t want) to know about phoenix activity in Australia.

Offshore tax havens image

Offshore Tax Havens: A Guide for Australian Investors

Estimated reading time: 29 minutes

Offshore tax havens are the jurisdictions of choice for building corporate structures to protect assets from creditors and hide the identity of ultimate beneficiaries. This article should be of interest to any professional advisor interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of setting up an offshore corporate structure.

Voluntary administration

The Complete Guide to Voluntary Administration

Estimated reading time: 40 minutes

Voluntary administration is a process where a registered insolvency professional temporarily takes control of a business which is insolvent, or in financial difficulty. This professional, the ‘voluntary administrator’, takes away control from the directors, for a period of time, in order to assess the finances and determine the future of the business.

Hit pause on appointing a voluntary administrator during Covid-19

Hit pause on appointing a voluntary administrator during COVID-19

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

The new Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020 (the Coronavirus Economic Response Act) has just come into force. This Act contains a range of new measures to support businesses through the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.

When is a construction company insolvent?

When is a construction company insolvent?

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

How do we determine if a construction company is insolvent? Insolvency, as defined under Section 95A of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), occurs when a business or an individual is unable to meet their debts as they become due and payable.