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  • trading while insolvent

    Navigating the safe harbour: The role of solicitors

    The new safe harbour protection is not a defence to the insolvent trading prohibition but it is a carve-out that requires professional interpretation. This opens up an opportunity for solicitors to advise clients and evaluate any “course of action” that is developed […]

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  • what is trust?

    Why set up a trading trust?

    If you’re about to start a business you have a choice about how to structure it. Structuring means how you set up the legal instruments (i.e. trust deeds and contracts) and entities (companies, partnership, joint ventures) to conduct the business. One option is to trade through a company that is the trustee of a trading trust.

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  • offshore tax havens

    How do offshore tax haven corporate structures actually work?

    Offshore tax havens – summary Offshore tax havens are the jurisdictions of choice for building corporate structures to protect assets from creditors and hide the identity of ultimate beneficiaries. This post should be of interest to any professional adviser interested in understanding the nuts and bolts of setting up an offshore corporate structure. It is […]

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  • When shouldn’t you appoint a voluntary administrator?

    The voluntary administration regime was introduced into the Corporations Law in 1993 to provide an alternative to liquidation and the immediate closure of insolvent businesses. The process of voluntary administration is controlled by an independent insolvency practitioner who is appointed by the directors.

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  • Panama papers

    What is the significance of the Panama Papers

    The Panama Papers leak was an international sensation. The information leaked from the database of a Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, gives an insight into the use of offshore tax havens as vehicles for secrecy and wealth protection. Ben Sewell of Sewell & Kettle Lawyers gives an introductory podcast for Tax Talks about the Panama […]

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  • offshore havens

    The ATO battle against tax havens continues: Common Reporting Standard

    The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a single global standard for financial institutions to deliver financial data to tax authorities worldwide about foreign tax residents. It means that if you open a bank account on the Cayman Islands, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will know about it. The CRS took effect from 1 July 2017, […]

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