Legalwise: Advanced Retail and Commercial Leasing

UNSW CBD campus 24 March 2015

All platinum and gold champions of Sewell & Kettle will be able to take up a complimentary invitation to this event. If you are interested please contact the firm:

Seminar:                               Advanced Retail and Commercial Leasing

Date:                                       Tuesday 24 March 2015

Time:                                       9.00am – 1.15pm

Venue:                                    UNSW CBD Campus, Sydney           


The PPSR: A Work in Progress

Presented by Ben Sewell, Principal, Sewell and Kettle


Valuations in Leasing

  • Renewals, market rent reviews and valuations
  • How valuers are valuing vs how this sits overall with the Retail Leases Act
  • Practical examples and common errors faced by practitioners
  • Case review: market rent reviews, the issues faced when it doesn’t work and how to deal with it

Presented by Catherine Hallgath, Partner, Mills Oakley Lawyers



  • Overview of a sublease
  • What goes into a lease vs a sublease
  • Clauses: to protect, termination, that do not conflict with head lease, special clauses, must-needed clauses
  • Particular terms that practitioners need to understand
  • Withholding of consent: what happens and some practical examples
  • What is a ‘sub sublease’?
  • Traps, pitfalls and common misconceptions
  • Case review

Presented by Andrew Flannery, Partner, DibbsBarker