If you are an existing client or a new client please upload debt recovery claim information so that it can be reviewed by the firm’s Claims Manager and/or Solicitor-Director. Please repeat the process for different debtors.

Debtor details

Is your debtor a company, sole trader, partnership, trading trust, business name or some other structure/entity?

Debtor's address details

The principal place of business of the debtor, registered office (if a company) or address for service (if a sole trader or partnership trading under a registered business name)

Details of the debt incurred

What dates were the debts incurred between?



What is the type of debt?

Have you issued invoices or some form of account?

Please upload the invoices issued

Do you have a written contract with the debtor or terms and conditions of trade that came to the debtor's attention before the debt was incurred?

Please upload the contract or terms and conditions adopted

Do you hold a personal guarantee in relation to the debt?

Please upload a copy of the signed personal guarantee

Have the debtor's proprietors or directors gone missing?

Has the debtor’s business been closed, liquidated, transferred to another entity or sold since it incurred your debt?

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