Debt Agents

We assess and recover commercial claims

We identify the root causes behind non-payment and use the full force of the law to efficiently recover debts and assets. We share risk with our clients and take responsibility for debt recovery. We give our clients comfort and certainty.

B2B Debt agents

Debt recovery

  • Review of documents to support debt claims
  • Reporting on the capability of debtors to pay
  • Lodgement and enforcement of real property and personal property security interests
  • Negotiations with debtors
  • Drafting of settlement agreements including personal guarantees
  • Appointment of receivers and controllers
  • Conducting debt recovery litigation
  • Advocacy in voluntary administration and liquidator processes

Our debt services

  • Due diligence on debtors
  • Pre-legal action and recovery assessment (mercantile agency)
  • Preparation of settlement contracts and personal guarantees
  • Legal action – prosecution of B2B recovery claims through court
  • Winding-up (companies) and bankruptcy (individuals) legal action
  • Strategies for optimal receivables management

Points of difference

  • Comprehensive legal advice provided by a team of expert lawyers and claims managers
  • Prompt initiation of debt recovery action by specialist professionals
  • Predictable fixed-fee costs and alternative fee arrangements where optimal
  • Professional approach to help clients maintain their relationship with a debtor customer
  • Ongoing advice on improving receivables strategy

Debt Agents – explained 

Firm Principal Ben Sewell takes you through an explanation of our debt recovery services

Debt Agents

Do you…

  • Do you fear your debtor can’t repay the debt because they’ve engaged in phoenix activity?
  • Do you need help with the collection of a portfolio of claims?
  • Contact Sewell & Kettle Debt Agents for a quote on the pricing and methodology that converts claims to cash.

Sewell & Kettle Debt Agents help clients recoup their money

  • Over the last decade we’ve become experts in assessing and prosecuting debt claims
  • We have the experience to deal with complex claims and portfolios
  • We are both analysts and court advocates, so there is no need to engage mercantile agents or barristers
  • We charge fixed fees and offer contingent pricing