Nominee and intermediary services

We provide nominee and intermediary services for Australian and overseas investors. We help stable, profitable companies as well as companies that face a financial or operational crisis.

For overseas investors, it is a regulatory requirement that a resident director is appointed for Australian companies. Foreign companies or individuals can appoint a nominee director to act in their best interests and comply with Australian legal requirements.

A nominee director is a director appointed by a shareholder, creditor or interest group, who has a continuing loyalty to the appointor or other interest in the company. Nominee directors are appointed to represent the interests of the appointor at a board level.

There are several reasons why business owners would seek nominee and intermediary services from a trusted adviser. Directors may be sick or have personal issues, and may not be able to find a suitable nominee from within their family or business. Also, the business may be facing complex structural or legal problems, and may need someone with specialised legal and insolvency knowledge.

Sewell & Kettle focus on fighting for our clients and preserving the value of their business.

Scope of services

  • Sourcing and management of nominee directors in Australia
  • Monitoring business activities and financial performance
  • Attending and reporting on board meetings
  • Liaising with local service providers including lawyers, accountants and tax agents
  • Taking appointments in crisis situations

Our points of difference

  • Vast experience in crisis situations
  • Offer in-house sourcing options for nominee directors
  • International focus
  • Flexibility in approach and pricing
  • Cost savings when compared to full-time employees