When our clients are threatened by insolvency, we explore all options to deliver them maximum financial returns. This involves undertaking urgent restructuring to stabilise the business and protect value (both tangible and goodwill assets).

As a company director, you are at risk of insolvent trading if you suspect that your business is or may become insolvent. Australia has the strictest insolvent trading laws in the world. If an insolvent company goes into liquidation, the directors may face legal action. Under the safe harbour reforms, if you appoint a qualified restructuring adviser you may be protected from insolvent trading action if your business later goes into liquidation.

Business restructure services

  • Conduct reviews to assess restructuring potential
  • Negotiate stand-still periods with creditors
  • Discuss restructuring options with company boards
  • Implement crisis stabilisation methods
  • Prepare board documentation
  • Assess settlement proposals with creditors
  • Plan safe harbour protection for directors

Our points of difference:

  • Vast experience in dealing with companies in financial distress
  • Urgent focus on getting results in crisis situations
  • Specialist knowledge of insolvency law and current practice
  • Support services including contract preparation, debt recovery and court representation that may be necessary for a restructure to succeed

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