Sewell & Kettle Lawyers – Vision and Purpose

Vision and purpose – explained. Firm Principal Ben Sewell takes you through an explanation of our vision and purpose

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Our Vision: To minimise the occurrence of business insolvency in Australia.

Our Purpose: We help families and entrepreneurs live their best life without the stress of insolvency by advocating on their behalf and sharing with them our industry-best knowledge of insolvency law and restructuring methodologies. We specialise in helping clients solve business insolvency challenges through restructuring, reorganisation, litigation and negotiation. Our clients range from families and entrepreneurs to other lawyers and insolvency practitioners. We share our industry-best knowledge of commercial litigation, restructuring methodologies and insolvency law with our clients so they can avoid future risks.

Sewell & Kettle Lawyers - Vision and Purpose


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About Us

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Watch this video to learn more about Sewell & Kettle Lawyers.

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Our Guarantees

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Sewell & Kettle specialise in a challenging area of business and law. We guarantee our service and expertise with eight promises to all clients.