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Don’t go all in unless you are covered

Solicitor Ben Sewell explains why all print companies should make it a priority to investigate this new, low-cost system to minimise exposure to bad debts.
Includes case study: The PPSR and ‘Pete the Printer’

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Using PPSR to defend unfair preference claims

The fact is that unfair preference laws penalise the best Credit Managers. The faster and more effective Credit Managers get the best results and they outshine pedestrian Credit Managers.
Published in:
AICM Magazine, Credit Management In Australia, December 2012

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Getting the most out of a mortgage

What is a security? It is collateral that supports the payment of an obligation. The American Uniform Commercial Code defines a security simply as “an interest in property which secures payment or performance of an obligation”.

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The ABC of getting a guarantee

Credit Managers will be aware that signs of doom and gloom are spreading
over the Australian economy. Company management will be looking to its credit managers to limit the downside risk from the inevitable fallout of a recession. One technique for limiting risk is to take security in the form of a personal guarantee from the proprietors of a debtor company.

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